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I am a singer, composer, voice teacher and music therapist.

My work is based on the observation of the human voice and its possibilities, both in the techniques of singing and in the expression of emotions and moods in the images that songs bring with them.

I enjoy exploring the connections between the body and the voice and discovering new ways to link them together.

My current work focuses on individual voice lessons, voice workshops for the public and group music therapy and environmental theatre for children. This long-term project is called "Voice Cup" and I work with it mainly in the south of Bohemia.

On March 8, 2022 we also christened my debut album Laštovka, which I have been recording throughout 2021/2022.

The launch took place in the Oskar Nedbal theatre in Tábor.In the near future I plan to perform both alone with a loopstation and with a band.

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