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I first heard this Ukrainian folk song from the Ukrainian jazz-folk singer Veronika Leleka, who lives in Berlin, and it resonated with me so much that I chose it as the opening song for the launch of my album Laštovka, which took place on 8 March 2022 in the theatre in Tabor. However, I was putting together the set for the concert long before the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, so I had absolutely no idea how much weight the song would carry for the opening of the concert.
We originally played it in a more jazzy version, but over time and by delving deeper into the lyrics and mood of the song, Tomáš Kelr and I reworked and reworked it until we came up with this version, which is now being released as our new single, accompanied by Matěj Havlíček's electric bass. Sonically, since the album Laštovka, we're moving a bit more into electro-folk, dub, using more samples, trying to create infinite spaces and images that invite you in.

Underneath the sonic, lyrical layer of folk song we can reveal a rawness and a rawness that is almost balladic.
Ivanko, coming to the valley to cut down trees, unexpectedly encounters a bunch of girls.All of them are scattered, but not Marijka.
He takes her to the orchard and urges her to forget about the girls. The mood is underscored by the main motif, i.e. the newly born crow chick, and also by the rhythmically repeating felling of trees.
Karchata is the story of an ordinary day that may end quite differently than it began.


In the text I reflect on the inner strength of man. The strength to rise from the dust, from poverty, from pre-given boxes, racial, religious, social prejudices.


If for this moment it's all right
then i will tell you something
one day i will rise
anymore won’t be hiding

I’m like wild roses
hiding their beauty
on deserted roads

Meeting people, know them by their faces
they try to hide their fear
of thorns of rose
in a full sun i breathe dry air
roses along the way
roses, roses, roses

I’m like wild roses
in certain places along the way
in a full sun i breathe dry air
Roses along the way

roses….if for this moment it's all right
roses….then i will tell you something
roses….one day i will rise
roses….anymore won't be hiding

In a full sun i breath dry air
roses along the way
roses, roses, roses

LP Laštovka

For a long time I carried my songs around in my head, constantly refining them in my imagination and with my loopstation, adding more layers and harmonies. All of this has matured to the point where I can finally display, express and record the songs for you all to hear and find yourselves with me in the far reaches of fictional and true images. There are seven songs on my album, 6 of them original and one old folk song from Slovakia.This song, called Morena, is also the one I chose in my arrangement for my first single, because for me it means the beginning of a new journey, the transformation of a person. The other original compositions are based on folk music, but they are progressively adapted into a modern, jazz, Latin and contemporary music-soaked form. I invited musical guests for each song, so the album is really varied.The official release on virtual listening rooms took place on 22.2.2022, the album launch after that on 8.3. in the theatre in Tábor.

Magazín Frontman - Morena a symbol transformace

Rádio Proglas - Rozhovor v pořadu "Jak se vám líbí"

Stovej milý

The song is an image of a girl waking up her lover, a mood of awakening of man and nature at the turn of night and early morning. The soul returns from the cosmic distances and awakens in the body, reviving and flowing with the living rhythm of the day.

Stovej milý šak už svito 

stovej milý už je děnˇ 

vidíš že laštovka lito 

stovej milý už je děnˇ 

in a morning sun in a morning night 

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